Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report

The gender pay report shows a gender gap for The 1590 Trust of 22.6% for mean pay and 40.6% for median pay (Annex A Table 2). 

The 1590 Trust has a high number of part time and low pay graded staff, in its in-house catering, cleaning and lunchtime supervisor teams.  These teams are predominately female.   This can be seen in Annex A – Table 4.

An analysis of the Trust’s teaching staff shows a mean pay gap of 7.5% and median pay gap of 4.3% (Annex A Table 5).  The two upper quartiles (Annex A Table 4) show predominately the teaching staff and senior managers. The senior management team is gender balanced. 

The ‘Zero Rate Employees’ refer to exam invigilators who are employed on a casual contracts by Conyers School.  ‘Statutory Pay Employees’ are those on maternity leave at the snapshot date. The 1590 Trust does not operate a bonus system (Annex A Table 3). The deadline for publishing the Gender Pay Report for March 2022 is the 31 March 2023.

Annex A – Gender Pay Report at 31st March 2022

Table 1. Relevant Employees as at 31 March 2022

Relevant Employees34587432
Stat. Pay Employees606
Zero pay Employees441357
Full-pay Employees29574369

Table 2. Gender Pay Gap

Full-pay Employees29574na
Mean Pay£16.49£21.3222.6%
Median Pay£12.95£21.8140.6%

Table 3. Gender Bonus Gap

Bonus Emps000.00%
Mean Bonus£0.00£0.000.00%
Median Bonus£0.00£0.000.00%

Table 4. Gender Pay Quartiles – The 1590 Trust 31 March 2021

As PercentagesFemaleMaleTotal
Lower Middle83.70%16.30%100%
Upper Middle79.35%20.65%100%
In NumbersFemaleMaleTotal
Lower Middle771592
Upper Middle731992

Table 5 Gender Pay Gap – Teachers only

Full-pay Emps11045na
Proportion in full pay95.5%100.0%4.55%
Mean Pay£24.81£26.837.53%
Median Pay£24.55£25.654.29%